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Phone 01241-434634 / 07745657309 E-mail enquiries@elliotmews.co.uk



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•Monday- Friday 9am-11am & 4.30pm-6.00pm

•Saturday and Sunday 9.30am-11am



Elliot Mews Cattery

About Us


Elliot Mews Cattery is owned and run by Suzanne Cargill who has a love and passion for cats, horses and all animals.


The cattery is situated alongside Elliot Caravan Park which is the family business predominately run by Suzanne's husband Robert.


The couple have a family consisting of 3 cats, 3 horses and at the last count 12 chickens.


Their love of cats and experience of providing holiday accommodation for humans led to the creation of Elliot Mews, an ideal place for your cat to spend his/her holidays.


As all cat lovers know, dogs have owners but cats have staff! We would be delighted to be your cats' substitute staff while you are on holiday.

Our Feline Family


"A meow massages the heart."


Stuart McMillan